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Hello, I'm Rosie

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I am a freelance mixed media artist based in North Tyneside primarily using methods of drawing in both my fine art and illustration practice. 


Art is a tool to educate, creating a space for debate, collaboration and critical thought.  I am interested in the creative process as a means of problem solving, holding the potential to nurture fresh ideas and evoke change. As a dyslexic and dyspraxic I have always used a visual language to help express myself and now use this language to inspire and educate others on important social issues. 


I have pursued my art as a career since graduating  in 2016, engaging with the community by taking part in exhibitions, assisting gallery curators, markets and completing commissions. I also co-founded and run the podcast ‘Hey Art, What’s Good?’, which explored the cultural happenings in the North East of England. 





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